We are now taking reservations for the November 2018 Election Cycle!

The following guides will be published:

  • Democratic Voter Guide
  • Republican Voter Guide
  • Independent Voter Guide
    (for no party preference [NPP] voters and mixed party households)
We cover nonpartisan and partisan Federal and state legislative districts, statewide offices, judges, municipal offices, and school and special districts as well as statewide and local ballot measures. Contact us at (562) 425-5251 or by email for household counts and cost for your race.

For 25 years, Voter Guide Slate Cards (VGSC) has been influencing elections through its direct mail program. We are the most experienced slate mail program in California and have pioneered many features now commonplace on political slate mailers. [Read More]

Each major election cycle, VGSC distributes slate cards to millions of households in California and counts amongst its paying clients over 4,000 candidates and ballot measures. We mail on time and in the quantities promised in order to serve both vote-by-mail voters and election day voters. [Read More]

Slate cards are a cost-effective and prudent expenditure for limited fundraising dollars, because candidates and ballot measures only pay a fraction of the total cost to produce and mail the guides. VGSC has proven to be tremendously influential in local races in which advertising dollars are limited and voter participation can be 50% less than better known top-of-the-ticket offices. [Read More]

Voters statewide recognize our familiar graphic design used for 25 years.

An average of 300-plus candidates participate on our slates each election, and we provide a complete listing of all candidates in official ballot order. [Samples]

Founder and Principal, Jerry Seedborg, draws upon over forty years of experience at every level of politics and government. Campaign consulting and management services, offered through Seedborg Campaigns, have been decisive in electing candidates in California's most competitive elections. Together with Voter Guide Slate Cards, Seedborg and team combine time-tested strategies, state of the art methods and proprietary voter targeting software to bring successful results to our clients. [Read More]