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Jerry Seedborg – Founder / Principal / Sales

Jerry Seedborg is one of California's leading political strategists and campaign experts. With over forty years of experience at every level of politics and government – grassroots organizing, electoral campaigns and legislative politics – he has the background to understand and appreciate the unique nature of California elections. Jerry has been a keen observer and analyst of the history, trends, and evolving technology of elections and translates that knowledge into successful campaign strategies and competitive game plans. Seedborg Campaigns consulting firm and statewide Voter Guide Slate Cards combines time-tested strategies and tactics with state of the art methods and technology to bring successful results to his clients.

Jerry's political involvement began with community organizing in the late 1960s. By the 1970s, he had become a leading political strategist in hard fought legislative and local elections in Southern California. He later served as chief of staff to several legislators and the State Controller in Sacramento. While in the state capital, Jerry also worked as a consultant to the California Legislature with expertise in offshore oil drilling, election law, political reform and the voter initiative process, education reform, and the 1990 and 2000 census counts within the State.

Jerry’s campaign management services have been decisive in electing candidates in California's most competitive elections for city councils, judicial offices and school boards as well as the State Legislature and U.S. Congress. He has run campaigns for some of California's most influential political leaders, and been recognized for organizing the most innovative Get Out the Vote effort in State Senate election history.

In 1984, Jerry was part of the first computer generated political slate mail campaign enterprise in California history. Jerry began his own slate mail program in 1986 and has played a pivotal role in many underdog campaigns for over 20 years. Voter Guide Slate Cards utilizes the most sophisticated proprietary software programs to target voters above and beyond any other slate operating in California.

Alyssa Mitchell – Operations Manager / Marketing / Research

Alyssa Mitchell, Operations Manager, has a diverse business background ranging from banking to project management. Politics has been her passion from a young age. She is a skilled communicator who began as an account executive for Voter Guide Slate Cards during the 2010 political season. Alyssa quickly proved herself as an asset to our elite team and began expanding her involvement in our regular operations.

Hailing from Ohio, Alyssa moved to Southern California in 1998 and quickly knew she found her home. She earned a degree in Business Management and then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2011. Alyssa’s passion and commitment to excellence is illustrated in all that she does, which enhanced her transition into the political field.

Jenny Henry – Account Executive / Marketing / Research

Jenny Henry, account executive, is a California native with a bi-partisan family background in campaigns and elections. Hailing from Orange County, Jenny has been active in various legislative, local, and letter writing campaigns since 1990.

With an education in business administration from California State University Stanislaus, Jenny has a strong business background in sales, customer service, and project coordination and a wide variety of customer service work experience from energy efficiency consultant for Southern California Edison to utility coordinator for a construction company.

Jenny joined the Voter Guide Slate Cards team as an account executive for the 2010 General Election and coordinates sales in over 20 counties throughout the State of California. Jenny’s unique combination of customer service and political skills have made her an essential member of our sales team.

Gail Prothero – Production / Administration

Gail Prothero, production associate, has a broad-based background in campaigns and elections and has over 20 years experience with Voter Guide Slate Cards. Her background in the political arena includes community organizing, grassroots political campaigns, fund raising events, campaign plan execution and targeted direct mail campaigns in many municipal, judicial, state, and federal elections, as well as a background in the non-profit, state government, and business sectors. A life-long Southern Californian, she has helped organize successful campaigns to pass school bond and open space ballot measures to improve school facilities, enhance educational opportunities, and to acquire, preserve, and enhance open space, parks, and recreational facilities in local communities.

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